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5 Star Predictions: Update and Round 2

Rachel tagged me in this, which is actually quite funny because I got it from her the first time around too. It was quite a long time ago because I wanted to wait until I had read ALL five before doing another one. I still haven’t gotten around to the fifth, but I figure it’s time to do a new round anyway. Anyway, you choose 5 books you think you’ll rate 5 stars and then come back later to see if you were right.

  • Her Body and Other Parties, 5 stars, review.
  • Tempests and Slaughter, 5 stars, review.
  • The Dream Thieves, 5 stars, review.
  • Kitchen Table Tarot, unread.
  • Crooked Kingdom, 5 stars.

Okay, I’m gonna call that a perfect score since I gave all of the books I actually read 5 stars. How exciting! Here is the next set of books I expect to love:

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